The numbers grow against anesthesiologist Field

We recently posted about The Dalles-based anesthesiologist Frederick George Field. Field was arrested in late July for allegedly sexually molesting two female patients at the Mid-Columbia Medical Center. The number has now increased to seven, and who knows how many more women are out there?

An article in the Oregonian states that one of the women, a 66-year-old, reported the abuse to the Mid-Columbia Medical Center several months before the hospital contacted the authorities. She felt as though the hospital was not taking her allegations seriously. The hospital claims it was first notified of any alleged sexual abuse by Dr. Field in May and that it acted promptly to call in police.

Since Field’s arrest more information has come out about his actions. Apparently there is a recording in which Field admits he inappropriately touched a patient while she was sedated. The allegations against Field include being inappropriate touched by him while under anesthesia, being forced to touch him while under sedation, and being forced to have intercourse. Not all of the victims were patients; some were hospital employees who were afraid to come forward.

For more information on this story, see this article.