A Major Pain in the…Shoulder

Recently we blogged about shoulder pain pumps and the damage they can cause in patients. Specifically, these pain pumps used on shoulders following arthroscopic surgery can cause chondrolysis, a condition marked by cartilage damage and severe pain in the shoulder joint. Sufferers of chondrolysis generally must rely on pain medication or shoulder joint replacement surgery to cope with the problem.

The cases of chondrolysis due to shoulder pain pumps have escalated to the point where there are significant numbers of lawsuits filed against manufacturers of such pumps. I-Flow Corp., for example, has been named in some 69 lawsuits for its On-Q PainBuster pump. Other manufacturers of pain pumps that allegedly cause cartilage damage include Breg, Inc., Stryker Corp., Smith & Nephew, Inc., DePuy, Inc., and DJO, Inc.

The first lawsuit dealing with shoulder chondrolysis is scheduled to go to trial this summer.

If you or someone you know has suffered from increasing, rather than decreasing, shoulder pain following arthroscopic surgery, think about consulting an attorney.