Jane Paulson: One thing that makes our firm different is that we have a reputation for trying cases. The defense lawyers know that we'll have good experts and that we'll be ready to try a case so that sets us apart - that we have a reputation, call it that we're crazy, but they know we'll go try a case.

Chuck Paulson: The defense of these major cases is fairly well concentrated, and if they have dealt with you in other cases and know that, if they want to go to the mat and roll the dice, you'll be right there with them. That you're not bluffing, and that you have got backing for everything you present. I think that makes a huge difference.

John Coletti: Credibility in the courtroom translates into larger settlements. I think that ultimately the "big stick" in every case is what a jury would do, and while we can never predict what a jury will do at least our opponents know that any case we try will be tried well, and we'll be bringing our A-game each time we come. I think that translates into bigger settlements and encourages defense lawyers and cooperations into taking a serious look at getting those cases settled before we talk to a jury about it.