Medical malpractice cases are difficult for a number of reasons but one of which is we as a society don't like to think that our doctors are fallible - it scares us all. Unfortunately, there are a number of people, daily and nationally, who are killed through malpractice. While you're never guaranteed a great result when you go to seek a doctor's assistance, you're entitled to competent, reasonable care. Sadly, all too often we're seeing folks who don't get the level of care they need.

Many people try and dabble in medical malpractice until they see how much money is involved. You have to have money to be able to put forward on a case. When defense firms come against our firm, they know our firm will have the assets to push the case fully to trial and even on appeals, some people will need to settle on appeal. If it's valid to try without an appeal, we will keep going, and go forward where some people have to settle the case.

We are very mindful that we are not going to pursue cases unless we truly believe in them, and that generally involves getting it investigated. If it's a medical case, it's hiring experts to determine what happened and if the doctor breached the standard of care or was negligent. We then move into the legitimacy of the injuries. Is it someone who is truly deserving? That is the type of case we'll pursue.