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On-the-Job Injuries & Employer Liability Law

Injuries at the workplace are covered by workers' compensation insurance. By accepting workers' compensation, an employee no longer has the right to sue their employer for damages. But in some cases, there are opportunities for additional claims and financial recovery. The Portland workplace injury lawyers at Paulson Coletti represent employees injured on the job in claims against entities other than the individual's employer if the defendant:

  • Was in charge of the employee's work
  • Had a right to dictate how that employee performed his or her work
  • Was engaged in working on a "common enterprise" with the plaintiff's employer

We also represent injured workers in claims against other third parties such as product manufacturers. For example, if a construction worker is injured at the workplace because of faulty scaffolding, a claim could be filed against the scaffolding manufacturer.

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About Employer Liability

Oregon's Employer Liability Law is contained in Chapter 654 of the statutes, the chapter dedicated to occupational safety and health. Below are some of the requirements of this law –

  • § 654.305 – Anyone in charge of or responsible for an employee in a hazardous occupation must take every measure for "protection and safety of life and limb."
  • § 654.310 – Compliance with workplace safety orders applies to businesses/subcontractors engaged in construction-type fields, including heavy machinery and electrical.
  • § 654.315 – Employers are required to ensure that all health and safety regulations are upheld.
  • § 654.320 – When it comes to injury and death lawsuits for damages, the person determined to have been in control of the construction or related work is considered the "agent of employer."
  • § 654.325 – In loss of life cases resulting from a violation of 654.305 or 654.336, the parties that can sue for damages include the surviving spouse and children. If none, than the employee's heirs. If the employee had no heirs, then the employee's mother and father have the right to file a wrongful death claim.

For more information, read our "Answers to Common Questions About Oregon's Employer Liability Law."

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