The Damage of Radiation Injury

Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fighting Against Radiation Injury

Radiation injuries are caused when the body is exposed to ionizing radiation. These damages usually occur in hospitals when the doctor overuses CT scans and x-rays or overdoses the amount of radiation during therapy. If your doctor or physician fails to monitor the radiation dosage administered and you are harmed, you may be eligible for a medical malpractice suit.

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Common Radiation Injuries

There are many ways a patient may be exposed to radiation exposure. Regardless of how you acquire radiation injury, there are three main forms the damage can take. The injuries include external irradiation, contamination, and incorporation.

External Irradiation

External irradiation occurs when the body is exposed to radiation from an exterior source. Usually this can be through methods such as x-rays and scans. The radiation then penetrates the body, where it can either remain or pass through. The patient is usually not radioactive after the procedure and can be treated like normal.


Contamination radiation injury involves a part or the whole body becoming contaminated with radioactive particles. The particles usually saturate the body either externally or internally. Contamination is a health risk both to the patient and their environment. They usually require decontamination, although the body may be damaged before all the radiation is gone.


Incorporation occurs after contamination has already happened. This happens when radiation inhabits body cells, tissues, bones, and organs. It can harm your internal body and leave lasting damage.

Radiation treatments can be dangerous and if not administered appropriately, can leave lasting damage. It is the doctor and radiation technician’s duty to be knowledgeable and trained in radioactive procedures. If you or a loved one has suffered radiation injuries because of negligence or medical misconduct, contact our Portland medical malpractice attorneys today for a free consultation.