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  • Duodenoscope Manufacturers Issued Warnings by the FDA

    || 18-Aug-2015

    It was recently discovered that duodenoscope may cause disease and infections that can prove fatal. The device is used during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ECRP) procedures. It was reported that two patients died because of infections supposedly caused by contaminated duodenoscopes. As such, manufacturers needed to update processing procedures for the device. During facilities ...
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  • Teladoc: Convenient, but Bad for Patient Safety

    || 13-May-2015

    Teladoc has been in hot water with the Texas Medical Board recently. The Board is imposing additional regulations to protect patients from the risk of inaccurate diagnoses. “How can a physician make an accurate diagnosis when they have no objective diagnostic data?” – That’s a great question, Texas Medical Board. We’re glad you asked. Teladoc is the nation’s ...
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  • 60% of Pest Control Techs Find Bedbugs in Nursing Homes

    || 29-Apr-2015

    Recent data reveals that poor sanitation in U.S. nursing homes may be worse than we first thought. Last year, three out of five pest control technicians reported finding bed bugs in nursing homes, a 46% increase from the year prior. More than half of all nursing homes may be infested with bed bugs, report pest control technicians – and nursing homes might not be the only problem. Many ...
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  • Answers to Common Questions About OtisKnee Knee Replacement Guides

    || 10-Feb-2015

    Did you or someone you love undergo a knee replacement surgery that utilized OtisMed Corporation’s OtisKnee guides? Portland injury lawyers at Paulson Coletti answer some common questions about these devices. Who manufactured OtisKnee devices? OtisKnee knee replacement guides were manufactured by OtisMed Corporation or “OtisMed.” Are OtisKnee devices still being used in knee ...
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  • Bacteria-Contaminated Scopes Put Patients At Risk

    || 26-Jan-2015

    Scopes used to treat various digestive system disorders can transmit harmful bacteria like CRE, but many doctors are in the dark as to how to mitigate the problem. In 2012, reports from hospitals in Seattle and other major cities like Pittsburgh and Chicago revealed that patients were getting sick and some were dying after contracting a harmful, antibiotic resistant bacteria called CRE. The source ...
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  • [Don't] Say Cheese!

    || 9-Jul-2013

    It’s summer, which means more foodborne illnesses! Unfortunately, cheese lovers recently took a hit, as the Crave Brothers line of cheeses were part of a voluntary recall issued by Whole Foods Markets. The cheeses, including les freres, have been associated with a listeria outbreak that has resulted in one death and sickened a small handful of people. The cheeses were made by Crave Brothers ...
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  • Jawing on

    || 22-May-2013

    Most people don’t appreciate what facial pain is like. One person who can is Priscilla Schmidt. She has filed a $3.7 million medical malpractice lawsuit against Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and three oral surgeons who worked on her and permanently damaged her mental nerve, which affects the chin and jaw area. In early 2012 Schmidt underwent what was explained to her as a ...
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  • You have brain cancer ... psych!

    || 10-May-2013

    I have heard of diagnoses gone wrong, but this takes the cake. Mark Templin of Montana visited the Fort Harrison VA Medical Center in early 2009 because of chest pain. They put in a stent, but a week later Templin began experiencing headaches, memory issues, and problems with his vision and speech. Templin was sent to various specialists, including an ophthalmologist and a neuroradiologist. The ...
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  • When fruit isn't good for you

    || 23-Apr-2013

    There’s been a rash of norovirus outbreaks lately. Last month there was a norovirus outbreak at a meeting for the Oregon Department of Forestry that was held in Forest Grove. The meeting was catered by Forest Grove restaurant Maggie’s Buns, which has been in business for some 16 years. The outbreak was likely caused by a fruit tray, but Maggie’s Buns claims to have served fruit ...
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  • Flaming hand sanitizer

    || 16-Apr-2013

    A couple of months ago a 12-year-old cancer patient at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital was involved in a freak accident in the hospital in which she suffered severe burns. The fire was caused by a “perfect storm” of ingredients that included olive oil, hand sanitizer, and static electricity. Initially Stephen Lane, the patient’s father, had stated he did not plan to sue the ...
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  • Dental nightmare

    || 2-Apr-2013

    A lot of people have anxiety about going to the dentist. Well, a couple hundred dental patients in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have a very valid reason for now being scared to go to the dentist. Oral surgeon W. Scott Harrington of Tulsa has been charged by the Tulsa Health Department with unsanitary practices to the point of creating a public health hazard. Among the unsanitary practices discovered by the ...
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  • To CPR or not to CPR

    || 6-Mar-2013

    Last week an 87-year-old woman living at an independent living facility died. This is not out of the ordinary, but what makes this case unique is an employee of the facility called 9-1-1 for help when the 87-year-old passed out then refused to administer CPR as instructed by the dispatcher. The employee, initially identified as a nurse but later identified as a X, told the dispatcher it was ...
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  • Is there wisdom in removing wisdom teeth?

    || 7-Jan-2013

    I remember getting my wisdom teeth extracted eons ago. It was the first time I had ever been under general anesthesia. I wasn’t having any problems with my wisdom teeth, but getting them extracted was just what everyone did. Well, even today it is the norm to pull asymptomatic wisdom teeth (impacted or partially grown in). Many dentists and dental associations recommend removing wisdom teeth ...
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  • Coffee, tea, or lawsuit?

    || 10-Dec-2012

    Everyone has heard about the lawsuit a woman filed against McDonald’s way back when for serving coffee that was too hot. Remember that? Well, now Angelica Keller is suing Southwest Airlines for serving her tea that was too hot. She spilled the hot tea on herself and allegedly suffered from burns and blisters. Keller was seated in a front-row seat and thus did not have a drop-down table. She ...
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  • Pointing surgical fingers

    || 29-Nov-2012

    It’s hospitals in one corner and day-surgery centers in the other in Colorado. Two large hospital chains in Colorado, Centura and HCA/HealthONE, are being sued by four day-surgery centers. The day-surgery centers, which are owned by doctors, claim the hospital chains and insurers are trying to put them out of business. The hospitals, on the other hand, say the day-surgery centers are ...
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  • Compounding problems

    || 19-Oct-2012

    So that compounding pharmacy that has been linked to the tainted steroids that have sickened more than 250 people and killed some 20 with fungal meningitis? It seems they have a license to do business here in Oregon, but they have been under investigation by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy before the steroid issue even arose. The Board had been looking into allegations that the pharmacy, New England ...
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  • Back pain and meningitis don't mix

    || 8-Oct-2012

    When you get prescription medication, whether it is from your pharmacy or administered by your doctor, you trust that it is safe and will cure or help whatever ails you. Well, perhaps thousands of people are probably pretty bummed out right now if they got steroid injections for back pain this year between July and September. The New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts distributed steroid ...
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  • Lots of pain and lots of pills

    || 3-Oct-2012

    I don’t know what it is about some doctors being pill happy, but there’s a doctor in Des Moines, Iowa, who seems to be just that. Dr. Daniel Baldi has been sued for medical malpractice a number of times for overprescribing pain medication. A fifth lawsuit against him was recently filed by the family of a 39-year-old who died of an overdose of oxycodone. Three other patients of Baldi ...
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  • More kidney failures

    || 17-Sep-2012

    So here’s a bit more on the story of the hospital personnel throwing away a viable kidney. The incident took place at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio. The hospital’s investigation concluded that it was indeed “human error” that led to the mistake. The kidney was donated by a brother to his sister. The family can sue for negligence, but because the University ...
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  • Heat pump shock

    || 7-Sep-2012

    A Kansas man just won a nearly $10 million lawsuit against a heat pump manufacturer for getting shocked and severely injured from what he claims was defective manufacturing. A jury found the manufacturer 60 percent responsible for the accident and the remaining 40 percent was the Kansas man’s fault. Donald Chapman was jolted by 480 volts in 2008 when he attempted to do some repair to a heat ...
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  • No, the other kidney

    || 4-Sep-2012

    Did you know that the most commonly transplanted organ is the kidney? In the United States alone last year, nearly 17,000 kidney transplants were performed. That’s a lot of kidneys, but I’m sure that anyone needing a kidney transplant will tell you it is serious business. That is why the accidental discarding of a kidney in Ohio in August is such a big deal. Apparently a nurse or ...
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  • Bracing for braces

    || 29-Aug-2012

    Can you imagine having to wear braces for nearly a dozen years? Well, that is what happened to Devin Bost, formerly of Eugene, who first got braces at the tender age of seven. He was forced to wear braces until he was eighteen. He now claims that having to wear braces for so many years cause his teeth to rot, and he is suing his orthodontist, Brad Chvatal, for just over $185,000. Bost is now 22 ...
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  • Medical errors on the rise ... slightly

    || 15-Aug-2012

    The Oregon Patient Safety Commission announced that reported hospital errors, also known as adverse events or never events, rose slightly in 2011 to 142 events. While this is somewhat of a disappointment, the commission is looking on the bright side, as the reporting of these errors by hospitals is voluntary, and the commission has been encouraging hospitals to report the information. The ...
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  • Fire tragedy

    || 9-Aug-2012

    In Kansas in March a fire resulted in the death of a 28-year-old quadriplegic woman and her three children, the oldest just 8 years old. The woman, who became a quadriplegic after a car accident, managed to call 9-1-1, but she still died as a result of the fire. Now her family is suing for wrongful death. The lawsuits were filed against Windsor Place At-Home Care, which the suits allege was ...
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  • Medical malpractice reform in Oregon?

    || 30-Jul-2012

    Oregon governor John Kitzhaber, in cooperation with representatives of the Oregon Medical Association and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, has presented a proposal to improve patient safety, reduce medical-related lawsuits, and reduce the state’s health care costs. To accomplish these goals earlier disclosure of injuries would be required, followed by an apology, when applicable, and a ...
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