Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • New Wave of Bird Flu in U.S. Poses "Low Threat"

    || 20-May-2015

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the H5 bird flu that is currently sweeping through poultry farms nationwide poses no health issue to the public. A new wave of bird flu has affected 40% of states along with tens of millions of birds, says the CDC, but the disease poses a low threat to the public. The strain of flu, known as H5 bird flu, has not yet been detected in any ...
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  • Teladoc: Convenient, but Bad for Patient Safety

    || 13-May-2015

    Teladoc has been in hot water with the Texas Medical Board recently. The Board is imposing additional regulations to protect patients from the risk of inaccurate diagnoses. “How can a physician make an accurate diagnosis when they have no objective diagnostic data?” – That’s a great question, Texas Medical Board. We’re glad you asked. Teladoc is the nation’s ...
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  • Doctors, Insurance Coverage, and the Importance of Trusting Your Physician

    || 6-May-2015

    When doctors leave health plans, patients can be left scrambling to find a new physician. Finding the right doctor can be difficult enough, but getting to know that doctor and trusting them is even harder. How can you develop a relationship of trust with a new physician? It can take years to find the right doctor, and even years after that to feel like you have a solid relationship with that ...
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