What is Wrongful Death?

Posted By John Coletti || 11-Feb-2014

When a loved one’s death is the result someone else’s negligence, the case can be considered wrongful death. Families of the wrongful death victims are often left emotionally and financially devastated. Through the legal system, however, victim’s families can bring a claim against the negligent party (or company) to hold them accountable and take responsibility. These lawsuits can also help families recoup some of the costs associated with an unexpected death such as burial and funeral expenses.

Wrongful death cases vary widely and can range from personal injury and workplace injury to medical malpractice.

We are personal injury attorneys who have extensive experience representing families in wrongful death cases in both Oregon and Washington. The following are a few examples of trials/settlements we have won for clients who have lost a loved one or been seriously injured due to the negligence of another:

  • Bergeron v. USA – we won a $1.3 million dollar bench verdict in the U.S. District Court of Oregon for a widower who lost both his wife and his leg when a Fish and Wildlife semi-tractor crossed the road and hit the couple head-on.
  • The Estate of Dell v. Roseburg Lumber Co. & Stalcup Trucking case – $1.3 million dollar settlement was won for the wrongful death of a 40 year old husband and father involved in a head-on collision with disputed liability.

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