Oregon Bicycle Accident and Injury Representation

Posted By John Coletti || 20-Sep-2013

Our firm is based in Portland, Oregon, which is a haven for bicyclists. Portland is a bicycle-friendly city filled with people who rely on their bicycles as their main, and perhaps only, means of transportation. When you have a dense, urban environment crowded with humans, however, you inevitably have occasional clashes and crashes. Portland is no different.

According to the Oregonian, between 2008 and May of 2013, 1,447 bicycle accidents were reported to the Portland police. 1,167 of those accidents involved injuries, and 8 of them ended in death. The average number of accidents, however, remained constant.There have been a number of unfortunate and perhaps avoidable accidents involving bicyclists and automobiles in Portland over the past few years. In August of 2013, college student Henry Schmidt was commuting home from his restaurant job on his bicycle when he was struck by a car and left for dead. A TriMet bus driver spotted him in the road and stopped to offer assistance. In June of 2013, Mike Cooley was commuting home on his bicycle in north Portland when he was hit by a truck. The truck driver drove away without helping. In May 2012, Kathryn Rickson was killed in downtown Portland when she was run over by a right-turning truck. It was ruled an accident, and the truck was already in its turn when Rickson rode up alongside the truck.

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