Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Why I Became an Oregon Trial Lawyer

    || 31-Oct-2013

    When I was young, my friend’s father was killed in a logging accident through no fault of his own. I’ve never forgotten the affect his death had upon my friend and his family. They lost not only a loved one, but were left financially destitute and were forced to move to a different state to live with family. A family was destroyed through no fault of their own, yet no one stepped ...
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  • Understanding Oregon's Employer Liability Law

    || 28-Oct-2013

    In the state of Oregon, workers are protected by the Employer Liability Law (ELL). The ELL was designed to protect and ensure the safety of workers and can provide extended coverage beyond Worker’s Compensation to injured workers. The ELL states that safety equipment must be provided to employees. Specifically, it states that “ … all owners, contractors or subcontractors and ...
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  • Our very own, Chuck Paulson, and Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) stalwart and past President will be talking about his experience as a criminal and civil trial lawyer for over fifty-five years. Many don’t know that Chuck was one of two Oregon attorneys who voluntarily represented African Americans back in the fifties and sixties. One of two attorneys statewide! He has stories to tell ...
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