Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • Medical malpractice reform in Oregon?

    || 30-Jul-2012

    Oregon governor John Kitzhaber, in cooperation with representatives of the Oregon Medical Association and the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, has presented a proposal to improve patient safety, reduce medical-related lawsuits, and reduce the state’s health care costs. To accomplish these goals earlier disclosure of injuries would be required, followed by an apology, when applicable, and a ...
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  • Assault with a deadly automobile

    || 23-Jul-2012

    What can you do if you are a police officer who has to confront someone who is seemingly impaired and acting strangely? If that person has not committed a crime, what responsibilities and rights do you have to do something about it? That is the question now in the case of the tragic accident that left a pregnant young woman in a vegetative state. In the spring of 2010, Jack Whiteaker was reported ...
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  • Basketball and Fatal Falls

    || 10-Jul-2012

    Tragedies often end in lawsuits. In November of 2010 a 2-year-old boy fell from a third-floor luxury box at the Staples Center and died. The luxury box is like a balcony overlooking the arena. A glass safety partition provides a barrier between spectators and the ledge. The toddler and his family had attended a Los Angeles Lakers game at the Staples Center, and the family had been taking photos by ...
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  • Birthing blunder

    || 5-Jul-2012

    If you were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance as you were on the verge of giving birth, you’d expect to be attended to right away, right? That’s what Rebecca Fielding thought. She and her husband, Enso Martinez, were hoping for a home birth, but complications resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital. Upon her arrival, Fielding had to wait two hours before doctors performed an ...
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