Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Lack of diagnosis leads to lawsuit

    || 30-Sep-2011

    Here’s an interesting case. A Portland couple is suing a hospital, clinic, doctor, and nurse practitioner for not diagnosing Duchenne muscular dystrophy in their second son. The couple had a third son who also has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The couple says if their second son had been diagnosed earlier, that is, before they had their third son, they may have decided NOT to have the third ...
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  • No pearl in these oysters

    || 27-Sep-2011

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just issued a warning not to eat raw oysters from Washington State. Apparently a number of oysters from Hood Canal’s “growing area 4″ have been associated with a bacteria, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, to be exact, that causes illness. The oysters were distributed across 23 states. The “outbreak” in question affected, so far, three ...
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  • We're #1 ... not

    || 23-Sep-2011

    This is kind of a funny story. We often find fault with TriMet, our local transit authority, but apparently TriMet thinks very highly of itself. When a U.S. News & World Report article rated Portland as “the nation’s best city for public transportation,” TriMet interpreted that to mean the agency was the nation’s top transit agency and took the ball running. TriMet ...
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  • Transplant trouble

    || 19-Sep-2011

    Over in Mississippi two lawsuits have been filed against Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency (MORA) and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMC) over two kidney transplants from a single donor. It turns out the donor had been infected with encephalitis. Of the recipients of the donor’s two kidneys, one died less than three months after receiving a kidney, and the other suffers from ...
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  • Texting and driving in Bend

    || 13-Sep-2011

    Seven weeks ago a Bend teenager riding a bicycle was killed when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Erik Mackenzie Conn. Conn claims he had been glancing at the speedometer and thus did not see the rider, who was riding a bicycle with his friend. Conn’s story may not hold up, as he was just arrested on a number of charges, including reckless driving, criminally negligent homicide, and ...
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  • Road rage and Portland police, continued

    || 9-Sep-2011

    Last year the president of the Portland Police Association (the union) was involved in two road-rage incidents, oddly with the same vehicle but in different parts of the city and on different days. Scott Westerman allegedly was the instigator of the encounters, on both occasions yelling at the driver of a smart car. I guess it was bad luck for Westerman that he targeted the same car. The driver of ...
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  • Suing for cantaloupes

    || 7-Sep-2011

    We’re always hearing about salmonella outbreaks and the like and the investigations to narrow down the culprit(s), but this is something new: Del Monte Fresh Produce plans to sue William Keene, Oregon Public Health’s senior epidemiologist, for, well, dissing its canteloupes. The company filed an ethics complaint and tort claim alleging Keene made misleading statements about the ...
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