Blog Posts in March, 2011

  • Hospital Unhelpful but Legal

    || 30-Mar-2011

    Recently I blogged about Birgilio Marin-Fuentes, the man who drove himself to the Portland Adventist Medical Center as he suffered a heart attack. When he arrived at the hospital parking lot, he lost consciousness and crashed. Some police officers were there and tried to help him. One officer ran the short distance to the hospital emergency room seeking help but was told to call 911. Nobody from ...
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  • Recall mayhem

    || 18-Mar-2011

    There have been quite a few recalls issued this past week. While I would love to provide some commentary, I think the recalls speak for themselves. Please think about manufacturer as well as individual responsibility as you read through these: Toddler jeans: About 1,600 pairs of girl’s toddler jeans from Parigi Group were recalled because the ornamental gems and sequins on the jeans can ...
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  • Runaway doctor

    || 15-Mar-2011

    It sounds like the plot to a bad made-for-television movie: a doctor flees the country after he is sued for malpractice. Sadly, it is truth, not fiction. Mark Weinberger was a surgeon in Indiana who was on the lam for more than five years. He was caught in Italy in late 2009. He was apparently living on a mountain in a tent. Weinberger faced a medical negligence civil lawsuit in 2004 for failing ...
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  • Safety first ... or last?

    || 8-Mar-2011

    Perhaps as a result of the tragic bus accident last year that left two dead, our local transit agency, TriMet, just added a safety expert to its staff. The new safety manager, Harry Saporta, worked for TriMet for nearly two decades, from 1982 to 2000. In 2000 he left TriMet to work for the Federal Transit Administration. There he developed his safety knowledge as Director of Safety and Security. ...
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  • The perils of public transit

    || 2-Mar-2011

    You all know about the trials and tribulations of TriMet, our local public transit agency. After an accident that resulted in the deaths of two pedestrians, TriMet implemented a safety review. The firm hired to conduct the review, K&J Safety and Security Consulting Services, made a number of suggestions, including installing a system that “talks” to pedestrians and others outside ...
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