Blog Posts in February, 2011

  • Vaccine or not to vaccine

    || 28-Feb-2011

    There has been an increase in the number of parents who choose not to immunize their children, and now some in the medical world are taking a stand. Some physicians, including pediatrician Dr. Bradley Dyer of Seattle, are refusing to treat children who have not been vaccinated, citing the safety of other patients. Dr. Dyer feels doctors need to be more assertive about turning away unvaccinated ...
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  • Don't bob the BOB

    || 24-Feb-2011

    BOB baby strollers were among the first, and maybe even the first, strollers designed to go off road. They seemed to have been designed with runners in mind. Sadly, the company, B.O.B. Trailers Inc., just issued a voluntary recall of more than 350,000 single and double strollers. The strollers in question have a drawstring on the stroller canopy that can pose a strangulation risk. Among the models ...
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  • Hospital Help?

    || 16-Feb-2011

    Where do you think the best place to have a heart attack is? You’d think it would be near or in a hospital, but you might be wrong, particularly if you’re in a hospital parking lot, and the hospital happens to be Portland Adventist Medical Center. Last week Birgilio Marin-Fuentes was not feeling well and decided to drive himself to Portland Adventist Medical Center. What he nor his ...
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  • Transit accidents elsewhere

    || 8-Feb-2011

    Well, Portland isn’t the only city where pedestrians and city buses collide. In 2008 a Seattle attorney, Ree Ah Bloedow, was walking in a marked crosswalk when she was hit by a mirror on a bus. The accident caused permanent brain damage and also shattered her arm. She had to leave her job as an attorney for Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services because of her injury. ...
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  • TriMet trial concludes

    || 4-Feb-2011

    The trial against former TriMet driver Sandi Day just ended. Day was driving a TriMet bus last spring when she hit five pedestrians, killing two. She was terminated from TriMet. Though she was not found guilty of criminal wrongdoing, she faced six traffic violations, including careless driving resulting in deaths. A Circuit Court judge found Day guilty on all counts. Day was slapped with fines in ...
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  • Get your own patent

    || 1-Feb-2011

    Radiologist Dr. Bruce Saffran of New Jersey just won $482 million in a patent infringement lawsuit against healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson. In 2008 Saffran won $501 million in a suit against Boston Scientific Corp. over the same device, and he has an upcoming case over the same device against Abbott Laboratories. Saffran held a patent on a device used in heart stents, and he contends ...
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