Blog Posts in August, 2011

  • More off-duty Portland police antics

    || 30-Aug-2011

    This is practically unbelievable–the head of the Portland Police Bureau’s traffic division, while off-duty, was involved in a road-rage incident in Idaho in which he allegedly pointed a gun at another driver. He was stopped by Washington State troopers but was not arrested. The incident is under investigation by the Idaho State Police. In the meantime, Todd Wyatt, the gun-brandishing ...
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  • Yes, being a police officer is stressful

    || 22-Aug-2011

    What is it with off-duty Portland police officers these days? It seems they are getting into trouble left and right. The latest story involves Portland police offers Sean Sothern, who was arrested in Tillamook County for allegedly driving drunk and then attempting to escape police. Oh, yes, and because his wife was in the car with him, he has also been charged with reckless endangerment.He was off ...
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  • And the numbers grow against anesthesiologist Field

    || 19-Aug-2011

    We recently posted about The Dalles-based anesthesiologist Frederick George Field. Field was arrested in late July for allegedly sexually molesting two female patients at the Mid-Columbia Medical Center. The number has now increased to seven, and who knows how many more women are out there? An article in the Oregonian states that one of the women, a 66-year-old, reported the abuse to the ...
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  • Drunken drivers don't always act alone

    || 17-Aug-2011

    A wrongful death lawsuit names not only the drunken driver who killed the victim, Tessa Elizabeth Conradi, but two bars and a used-car dealership as well. The $7.1 million civil suit was filed by our own John Coletti on behalf of the victim’s husband, Walter Marrella. The suit holds responsible drunken driver Jesse Lee Ream as well as Darren’s Auto Sales, the used-car dealership that ...
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  • Got your goat

    || 8-Aug-2011

    Here’s a tragic story. A hiker in the Olympic National Forest was gored by an aggressive mountain goat and died. This happened in fall of 2010. Apparently Bob Boardman of Port Angeles was hiking with his wife, Susan Chadd, and a friend, when the mountain goat in question started acting aggressively toward them. The hikers resumed their hike while the mountain goat followed. The animal then ...
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  • Having a field day

    || 4-Aug-2011

    Anesthesiologist Frederick George Field was arrested late July on suspicion of sexually abusing two female patients who were under his care at the Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles. The incidents took place in 2007 and 2011 and allegedly involved touching in the genital area. The women were under anesthesia during the incidents and were thus unable to defend themselves. When the hospital ...
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  • Will residents wake from the nightmare?

    || 1-Aug-2011

    Everyone knows about the grueling and inhumane hours medical residents are forced to work. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education just set up new guidelines that limits the hours medical interns can work at one time: first-year residents can work no longer than 16-hour shifts, and second- and third-year residents are limited to working no longer than 24-hour shifts. Rite of ...
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