Blog Posts in September, 2009

  • Certificate? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Certificate!

    || 29-Sep-2009

    The state of Washington created a law in 2006 designed to reform medical malpractice lawsuits. Part of the law required those wishing to file medical malpractice suits to obtain certificates of merit before they could actually file a lawsuit. In other words, patients who were victims of medical mistakes had to find an expert (probably someone in the medical community) who would provide a ...
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  • Attorneys Need to Watch What They Blog

    || 21-Sep-2009

    With nearly everyone involved in some sort of social networking, it seems nothing is sacred anymore. Privacy? What’s that? Blog or tweet first and pay later. Well, the judicial system is not having it. Lawyers who blog, tweet, or otherwise publicize their critical opinions about judges, clients, or anything work-related had better be prepared for some reprimands. An attorney in Fort ...
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  • Pilot Error or Pilot Negligence?

    || 18-Sep-2009

    A tragic accident on the Oregon Coast last summer resulted in the deaths of five people. The accident involved a single-engine plane that crashed into a vacation home. The pilot, a passenger, and three children in the home were killed. How do you overcome such a tragedy? To make matters worse, now a report by the National Transportation Safety Board indicates that the owner of the plane had voiced ...
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  • Paramedics to the Rescue?

    || 11-Sep-2009

    There’s been a disturbing story in the Oregonian that I’ve been following. A paramedic with a local ambulance company, American Medical Response (AMR), was accused of sexually molesting women as they were taken to hospitals. Now, if an ambulance is called, you can assume that the person requiring transporting is probably in a vulnerable and somewhat impaired state. So, this paramedic ...
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