Blog Posts in November, 2009

  • Massive Crib Recall

    || 24-Nov-2009

    From time to time we talk about product recalls, especially when they involve safety issues. Just recently, in fact, we mentioned the Maclaren baby stroller recall. Well, now there’s a large-scale crib recall that involves more than 2.1 million drop-side cribs produced by Canadian company Stork Craft Manufacturing. So far there have been four deaths caused by the drop-side cribs. Basically, ...
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  • When a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Lingers On

    || 19-Nov-2009

    Sorry, but here’s another nightmare story about an elderly patient who suffered extreme neglect at the nursing home paid to care for her. Alice Train suffered from dementia and diabetes but was otherwise mobile when she entered the Evergreen Milton-Freewater Health and Rehabilitation Center. Her condition dangerously deteriorated in less than two months and, according to the lawsuit filed ...
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  • No, Your Other Left

    || 3-Nov-2009

    I am always amazed when I hear about surgeries gone wrong, particularly surgeries in which the wrong limb or organ is operated upon. I mean, how hard is it to clearly mark the spot that needs to be addressed? I was recently at the hospital with my mother, who was undergoing a quick procedure that required her to be checked into the short-term surgical ward. Every single person who saw her asked ...
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