Blog Posts in February, 2009

  • Striving for Better Health Care

    || 27-Feb-2009

    I don’t think you’d get many arguments from anyone that our nation’s health care system could use some help. So many are uninsured, and even those who are insured can’t always decipher their policies. HMO, PPO, copay, out-of-network, it’s hard to tell what’s what, and it’s just as confusing for the billing departments at hospitals and medical offices. The ...
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  • Small Bites

    || 24-Feb-2009

    In a recent post we discussed Senate Bill 311, which proposes to increase liability caps on public agencies. Well, the Oregon Senate approved the bill, and now it will head to the House for a vote. Back in August 2008, a small plane crashed into a house in the coastal town of Gearhart, killing five people (two in the plane and three in the house) and severely injuring several others. The people in ...
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  • Nutters Over Peanut Butters

    || 20-Feb-2009

    I blogged about the salmonella crisis with peanut products here, but since the story continues to unfold, I thought I’d discuss it again. Also, it has quickly escalated into a national epidemic of sorts, and it’s affecting a lot of local manufacturers and food retailers. The recall of products made with peanut products from the Peanut Corporation of America has become massive. ...
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  • Will Oregon Tort Caps Increase?

    || 17-Feb-2009

    Last week, the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee approved SB 311 — a proposal to increase tort caps on public agencies, such as state entities and OHSU. The bill will now go to the House and Senate. Under old laws, the liability caps on public bodies was $200,000. Under the new proposal, the state damages cap will increase to $1.5 million per claim, and the amount will increase by $100,000 ...
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  • Put Up Your Umbrella

    || 9-Feb-2009

    We often joke that Oregonians never use umbrellas, but there IS a case where you really should use an umbrella–when it comes to your insurance. Umbrella coverage, also known as excess liability coverage, is not a very widely known policy, but it can save you a bundle in certain instances. Umbrella coverage protects you financially in cases of lawsuits with large damages, and it can also help ...
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