Blog Posts in March, 2008

  • Oregon Supreme Court Reaffirms Philip Morris Verdict

    || 27-Mar-2008

    In 1999, an Oregon jury awarded the Estate of Jesse Williams $521,000 in actual damages and $79.5 million in punitive damages intended to punish the company for wrongdoing. Jesse Williams began smoking in the 1950’s while in the Army and died in 1997, six months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The verdict was appealed and eventually struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled ...
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  • Appellate Argument Date Set in Oregon Lingual Nerve Injury Case

    || 26-Mar-2008

    In June 2006, Jane Paulson obtained a jury verdict for her client for $600,000 — the full amount she asked the jury for. Our client’s lingual nerve was injured when Willamette Dental had a periodontist remove his wisdom teeth. Due to the injury our client had numbness on 1/2 of his tongue, no sensation to pressure, no ability to distinguish hot or cold, no taste on 1/2 of his tongue ...
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  • Insurance Bad Faith in Oregon

    || 21-Mar-2008

    Addendum: Eastwood v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company INTRODUCTION While preparing for a "bad faith" trial recently against American Family, Bill Barton was kind enough to share his original article relating to litigation against insurance carriers, and also reviewed records and met with me on several occasions to help reduce a factually complicated case into understandable ...
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  • Recall of Children's Vaccine

    || 20-Mar-2008

    Merck & Co. has recalled a pediatric vaccine commonly used against Hib, a cause of meningitis, pneumonia, and other diseases and infections. The vaccine is provided in a series of shots generally beginning within the 1st two months of life. The vaccines were recalled because of a problem with sterilization. While Merck claims that there is no known health threat associated with the vaccine, if ...
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  • Ford Recalls

    || 7-Mar-2008

    Ford Motor Company recently announced a recall of 1.17 million trucks, suv’s and vans due to defective sensors in the vehicles engines which caused stalling. The recall applies to vehicles manufactured from 1997-2003 model years which are equipped with 7.3 liter diesel engines. Models include the E-series vans, Excursions, and F450 and F 550 Super Duty trucks. There have been 14 accidents ...
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