Nursing Home Bedbugs | Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

Recent data reveals that poor sanitation in U.S. nursing homes may be worse than we first thought. Last year, three out of five pest control technicians reported finding bed bugs in nursing homes, a 46% increase from the year prior.

More than half of all nursing homes may be infested with bed bugs, report pest control technicians – and nursing homes might not be the only problem. Many hospitals also reported problems with bed bugs, about 36% of them, and doctors’ offices rose to about 33%.

One possible reason for the high rate of bed bug infestation in nursing homes is the inability to use pesticides. Another reason is likely that nursing home patients bring more personal belongings with them. Nursing home residents are usually there for the long haul, so they bring nearly all (if not all) of their personal items with them, which increases the chance of infestation.

Aside from the difficulties nursing homes must overcome, nursing home staff members are overall less vigilant and less concerned about cleanliness than hospitals are. Nursing homes do not have to adhere to the same regulations that hospitals do. Pest control experts have identified another problem – there are simply more bedbugs that exist than ever before.

Sanitation in nursing homes is a serious problem, and when poor sanitation leads to patient injury or illness, nursing home facilities can be held responsible. We invite you to contact the Portland personal injury lawyers at Paulson Coletti today if your loved one was harmed in a nursing home or by a caretaker. We fight for justice – contact us today for a free legal evaluation if you need an advocate.