Celebrating Movember | Paulson Coletti

You may have noticed the large number of men growing mustaches and facial hair during the month of November. This is because, for roughly a decade, men have designated this month as either Movember or No Shave November. While you may think this is just a way for men to explore their looks with extreme… read more

Intubation Errors | Portland Medical Error Lawyer

When emergencies arise and paramedics are called upon for medical assistance, they must make some crucial decisions in the field. Depending on the severity of the situation and the condition that an injured individual is in, there are various actions that may be taken to help remedy any potential dangers. Paramedics are tasked on making… read more

Detect Medication Error | Portland Malpractice Lawyer

It is an unfortunate situation, but medication errors are all too common in the medical field. There are a number of causes for this, but it is important that medical professionals are held accountable. They are responsible for protecting patients, thus prescribing the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or conflicting medications can be dangerous. This… read more

Paramedic Intubation Errors | Paulson Coletti

Paramedics represent a beacon of hope during moments of emergency. They are the ones dispatched to help injured individuals when there are calls for help. However, what happens when they do more harm than good? In the case of intubation procedures, that is usually the situation. Endotracheal Intubation (ETI) is a procedure where a plastic… read more

Hire a “Lawyer of the Year” | Portland Injury Attorney

When you have sustained an injury and you need to hire an attorney to represent you, what factors would you consider most important to include in your search? How do you know that the lawyer is qualified to represent you? If you have been hurt and need to file a claim, making sure you have… read more

Best Law Firms 2016 | Paulson Coletti

Every year, U.S. News – Best Lawyers selects a number of law firms to be included in their ‘Best Law Firms’ list. At Paulson Coletti, we are happy to announce we have been selected for the 2016 edition of this list. This is an honor that is bestowed upon law firms who meet the minimum… read more