Oregon Bicycle Injury Attorneys Talk Road Sharing

Oregon is a mecca for bicyclists. It seems nearly every year the city of Portland tops lists like Best Bicycle Cities in the U.S. With more bicycles on the road in and around the city center, the chances for bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles increases. ThePortland Tribune covered a recent accident in an article titled… read more

Oregon Attorney Chuck Paulson Recognized by Best Lawyers

In terms of advances over thirty years, Chuck credits information technology with being a tremendous help for personal injury cases, as it significantly cut down on research time for medical malpractice cases (for example) to mere minutes. From the case that makes him the most proud (the Teddy Jordan case) to the most rewarding aspects… read more

Who is Liable in an Oregon Personal Injury Case

There is no simple answer to this question because Oregon personal injury law is complicated and covers a wide variety of potential legal claims. For example, as Portland, Oregon personal injury lawyers, we handle cases ranging from: medical malpractice, trucking accidents, auto accidents and defective products, to premises liability, motorcycle accidents, and construction accidents just… read more